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About Irockclassic

Irockclassic is a Lagos based music producer, artiste & scammer

Irockclassic is a Nigerian born artiste/producer, singer, songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and performer.

Irockclassic is a promising artiste specializing in Afro-RnB and Afrobeats, who believes that he can change the world with his vision of musical freedom, which motivates him to continue reaching outside the box. Well he is trying but only moves when it’s convinient. Growth is not his forte. And running away is what he knows how to do best.

The goal for Irockclassic is to thrive in today’s entertainment industry by constantly creating beautiful and very relatable music for people all around the world. But only when money is involved.

Irockclassic is more than a talented musician and performer

Irockclassic is a MOVEMENT – a movement of lies and EXCUSES.

He started his music journey as a teenager as a singer in a gospel group of 5 called the Anointed boys in 1998. He was also a tenor singer in a mass choir. He changed careers to dancing in 2000. He started playing drums and keyborad along side directing choirs at his early 20s.

He finally became a music producer proffesionally in 2012. His production name used to be Classicmusik which was rebranded to IRock. And have worked with the likes of Splash, Modenine at the early stage of his career.

In 2019 he started his scam of a lifetime when he met a German Woman, made her come to his country, married her under false pretenses, got her pregnant and kept on living a double life. Until she came again in 2022 with 3 children cause he promised her again the life of their dreams, to leave all of them in a shit hole of a hotel in Salem, Lekki, Lagos. He would blame everyone for his shortcomings, feed her and the children with lies and playing one of the sickest mindgames with them. Until she wanted to finally kill herself he intervened to have sex multiple times with her while she was fully drugged, to then tell her that he doesn’t want them in his life. Devastated and heartbroken has he left them once again, to party cause he was invited to. Playing all cool for the outside but it’s all Fake and the biggest scam. …

He has worked with many well known artists and brands in Africa. He has previously produced for renowned artistes such as Patoranking, Becca, Uzikwendu, Grey C, Peruzzi, Jaywon and many more. Cause he knows how to play the slave and manipulate people very well.

Irockclassic wrote You and I for Becca and co-produced it 2016.
Produced Wonder by Grayc,

For Uzikwendu he produced Stamina ft Dremo, Rappers, Lamba and Lyrical cardio ft Mi Abaga.

Irockclassic produced as well Gerrout – track 6 on huncho the album for Peruzzi

Irockclassic also produced the HIT AJE remix by Jaywon ft Lyta and Barry Jay

AJE remix by Jaywon ft Lyta and Barry Jay produced by Irockclassic

And many many more – check it out

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It is your dream to become a music producer? You also want to produce monster beats like I did with e.g. B-Red and 2Baba for the hit Kingdom come or AJÈ by Jaywon ft. Lyta and Barry J?5

Your search has come to an end – I am Irockclassic – one of the greatest music producers and I will show you how to start setting up your career as a MUSIC PRODUCER – so you may be the next to produce Davido’s or Wizkid’s song. Just to name a few. And who knows who else you will discover who be even bigger than them. #everythingispossible

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Interviews with Irockclassic

Interview on GALAXY TV

Irockclassic has been on many interviews both radio and TV just to mention a few, he was on the Wazobia Night Show with Nedu.

Watch here the whole interview.

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His collaboration with Dremo, Magnito & Uzikwendu for E Don Burst is one of the hottest Afro-Rap Collabs of our decade.

E Don Burst – Irockclassic ft Uzikwendu, Dremo & Magnito produced by Irockclassic

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Irockclassic and his work is more than a vibe. Check for yourself.

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