Elenu – Irockclassic Lyrics

Elenu by Irockclassic Lyrics

Askana Irockclassic ion care listen

Maybe maybe he said that you’re not too beautiful.(it’s alright)
Maybe maybe them say, baby too short for me (but its ok) it’s ok baby Maybe mama say you no from her place remember say
We suppose be one 

If your body bigger that Bombay aswear I no go lie bae it’s ok

Elenu lo lenure Akoshi bero anwo somori o (2×) (ri o ri o ) 

Jorojara joro (8×) joro ja 

Maybe maybe all you need na better love wey go satisfy for (I’m right here) No need no need to hear what them say
Cause baby they must to say (ohyeh)
Cause na you be the one I want Na me be the one you need

If your body bigger than Bombay aswear I no go lie it’s ok

Elenu lo lenure akoshi bero anwo somori o(ri o ri o) 2× 

Jorojara joro (8×) joro ja 

Baby you be my taste I no go hesitate to walk you down the aisle put a smile on your face (or)
Make them talk I know say them they hate to see you with a frown no smile on your face
Baby baby are you ready o it’s you and I no go let you go 
All your worries I go carry go
Baby baby we go marry oh

I can not wait to put a ring on it
Throw the bouquet cause I know your friends want it
Whoever it is we be the guess on it
So baby what you say eh 

Elenu lo le nure Akoshi bero anwo somori (ri o ri o) 

Jorojara joro (8×)joro ja

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