Let’s talk about it.

It all starts within ourselves.

How you set your mind is how you end up/start living your life.
Mindset starts from your overview of situations.
It starts to your intention and then over to how you see the things. Basically.
Sounds very simple.

How do you set your mind?


Being open to learn to expand your perspectives. Acceptance of the things you don’t know yet about which could add value. And then being willing to open up and learn it.

What does the word mindset mean to you?


Mindset is the foundation of reasoning, of how you think. Mindset is where your imaginations are coming from, where your creativity is giving birth from. Mindset is the ground where you create the pictures you create, the words you speak, the actions you will later take.

How important is working on your mindset to you?


For me working on my mindset is one of the most important things am working on, cause this is what is creating who I am. It creates my actions and therefore my destiny.

How do you work on your mindset? What are your sources?


Researching, having conversations with experts, looking out for the things I don’t know of. I allow myself to see the things differently. Checking for what will take out from the norm, out from what I used to know. More or less like recreating what has already been. My sources are God, the bible, the internet and experts.

Do you see growth difference? 


Yes. I started seeing the growth when I realized who I am. When I became very inquisitive about life and that there is more to myself. I started attaching purpose to my intensions. There is no end, working on my mindset is an ongoing process. When you stop learning – you stop growing and that means you start dying.

How do you break old mind patterns and systems? 


First I need to understand and notice there is something which I need to break, like if there is stagnation and then by allowing my mind and spirit unlearn what I know and then accepting what I need to get to the next level. So I am always open to get to know more about myself and how the universe works.

What advise do you want to give to young artistes and producers? 


Crave for a better version for yourself. Keep learning. Open your mind. Be open for new perspectives and innovative ideas. Because there are always new ways of doing things, even the things you already know doing. Allow your mind to expand. Bend more on learning and expand your reasoning – like this a new better life will automatically unfollow and you will always find solutions and ways to make your dreams come true.


How do you see your mindset and music is connected?


For me there is a huge connection. If my mind is not set to making music I can’t make music. It is what i want people to perceive my music. How I want to feel about myself. What feelings I want to put in others. So it is basically very important to check on how my mind is set, so that I will create something from inspiration which inspires others to do and especially to be better. So I try to combine my mindset and my music by making it more understanding in a rhythmic way to my listeners.

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